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Fried Onion & Fry Supplies

While most people opt to eat cotton candy and funnel cakes at a carnival, there are also people who enjoy many of the other fried foods that are available. Specifically, they love eating the fried onions and fries you will typically find at a carnival or similar type event. From curly fries to a fried onion mix, there are so many different options you can provide for them.

Pronto Pup can help you beef up your fried food menu by offering you a wide range of fried onion supplies. We have machines, choppers, and mix in Oregon that will allow you to serve whatever it is that your guests want.

Pronto Pup currently has a lot of different fried onion supplies in stock for you. We have an onion cutter that will make it easy for you to prepare fried onions for people. We also have a Gold Medal Fry Cutter that is motorized and that makes it simpler than ever to make fries. Additionally, we have small fryers, single French fry baskets, electric corn dog fryers, long handle fryer skimmer baskets, and so much more. If your goal is to provide people with fried foods, we have just about all of the machines, choppers, and mix in Oregon you will need.

When people eat at a carnival, they like to let loose and try different fried foods, so you should make every effort to offer them a wide variety of them. By using our fried onion supplies and our machines, choppers, and mixes there will be something for everyone, and your employees will have no trouble making the foods that you advertise.

Would like to order a fryer, an onion cutter, or another piece of equipment that will allow you to make fried foods? Give Pronto Pup a call at 503-244-9421 today.