Deep Fryers/Deep-Fried Blooming Onion & Curly Fry Supplies

Onion and Fry Concessions Supply

Fried food items are a must for concession businesses at any venue, whether it’s a state carnival booth, sports arena menu, or just a stand on the side of the road. Salty and savory favorites like blooming onions, French fries, curly fries, corn dogs, or even fried veggies will round out your menu and boost your sales at every event.

As one of the top concession suppliers in Oregon, Pronto Pup has all of the fried onion, French fry, and other deep fryer equipment and supplies you’ll need to offer your customers these fair food staples!

Our Fried Concession Products:

Deep Fryers & Accessories for Concession Stands

The concession deep fryers we have available at Pronto Pup range in size from small to foot long to accommodate operations of all scales. Our deep-frying equipment streamlines the preparation process, making it safe and easy to provide customers with crispy blooming onions, French fries, curly fries, and other fried food products.

Fried Onion Mix, Blooming Onion Batter & Onion Blossom/Flower Coating Supplier

Our blooming onion flower mix will help you create the most delectable batter for frying sweet, savory, and perfectly golden blooming onions for your concession service. Blooming onion mix is available in bags from 1-30lbs, so you’ll be ready for small venues and big-volume events alike.

French Fries, Spiral Fries & Curly-Q Fry Cutters

Some people swear that curly or ribbon fries taste better, while others stand by the classic fry shape. Whoever comes through your concession line, you’ll be able to satisfy their tastes with Pronto Pup’s motorized fry cutter. Use it as a standard French fry cutter, curly fry cutter, or even to make the new spiralized deep fried “Tornado Potato” on a stick!

Blooming Onion & Blossoming Onion Cutters

With our complete onion cutter, turning a colossal onion into a beautiful blooming onion flower is made quick and easy. All it takes is one push to make your deep-fried onion blossom!

Get everything you need to enhance your Oregon concession menu with fried blooming onions, French fries, curly fries, and other tasty fried foods from Pronto Pup today!
Pronto Pup Co., Inc.

Pronto Pup Co., Inc.