Funnel Cake Fryers and Concession Supplies

It’s pretty much impossible to hold a carnival, a church picnic, a corporate event, or another type of celebration without serving delicious funnel cakes. Pronto Pup can help you cook them up by providing you with both gas and electric funnel cake fryers in Oregon as well as funnel cake supplies like funnel cake mix. We even serve as your funnel cake mold ring supplier and make sure you have everything you’ll need to make your event a complete success.

What Are Funnel Cakes & How Are They Made?

There is some debate over the origin story of the first funnel cakes invented, but the funnel cakes people know and love today were created by the Pennsylvania Dutch in the 1800s. Funnel cake is a fried dough food made from all-purpose flour, eggs, milk, white sugar, baking powder, and cooking oil before being topped with confectioner’s sugar.

Funnel cakes are made by pouring batter through a funnel into the cooking oil located inside of either gas or electric funnel cake fryers in a circular pattern. The batter is deep-fried for several minutes until it’s golden-brown. Funnel cakes are then removed from funnel cake fryers and placed onto a plate before confectioner’s sugar is sprinkled generously on top of them. They are also sometimes topped with things like whipped cream and fresh fruits.

Funnel Cake Mix & Mold Rings

If you’re going to be serving up a bunch of funnel cakes at an event, the last thing you want to do is get stuck having to mix up the ingredients for funnel cakes yourself. You’re much better off investing in funnel cake mix that you can use in funnel cake fryers. There are also funnel cake supplies like mold rings that can be used to make funnel cakes quickly. Pronto Pup can be your funnel cake mold ring supplier and help you find the right mold rings for your specific fryers.

Gas (Propane) Funnel Cake Fryers

Pronto Pup has both gas and electric funnel cake fryers in our inventory for anyone interested in purchasing one. Gas funnel cake fryers run on propane and are excellent options for anyone who plans on using fryers in a place that might not have a reliable power source. They come in handy for those cooking funnel cakes at carnivals, festivals, and fairs. Some of these funnel cake fryers can even be used to make multiple funnel cakes at a time.

Electric Funnel Cake Fryers

While gas funnel cake fryers have their advantages, Pronto Pup can also supply electric funnel cake fryers to those who don’t want to have to worry about their propane levels running low while making funnel cakes. We can provide you with both shallow and deep funnel cake fryers depending on your specific needs.

Would you like to buy one of the funnel cake fryers we have in stock? Or do you need to order funnel cake mix before your next big event? Call Pronto Pup at 503-244-9421 to get your hands on the funnel cake supplies in Oregon you need.

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