How to Make a Pronto Pup

Any hot dogs will work, but to have them “just like at the fair”, we recommend using 10-to-the-pound size hot dogs. Remember, the better the hot dog, the better the Pronto Pup will be!

For sticks, use wooden candy apple sticks, popsicle sticks or craft sticks.


  1. Pat dry hot dogs with towel and insert stick in the end of wiener (about half way).
  2. In deep mixing bowl, add two parts Pronto Pup Flour Mix and one part water.  Mix with a wire whip until all lumps are gone.  Batter should be thicker than the consistency of pancake batter.
  3. Dip hot dog into batter.  Cover entire hot dog with batter, gently shaking off excess batter for equal coverage.  Before placing into fryer, turn hot dog upright to set batter.
  4. Gently place Pronto Pup into the deep fryer (IMPORTANT: OIL TEMP SHOULD BE 375°F*) and let it float.  Using tongs, occasionally roll the Pronto Pup for even cooking.  Pronto Pup is done after 2-1/2″ minutes or until a deep golden color.  Remove with tongs.  Let cool a little and ENJOY!

*Deep Frying Notes:  Use vegetable oil.  temperature should be 375° F to cook properly.  If temperature is under 375°, the batter will not stick to hot dog in the oil.  If temperature is above 375°, batter will cook too quickly and be doughy inside.

Get Your Pronto Pup Supplies:

Flour Mix

Wooden Skewers