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Flour Mix

The original corn dog was called the Pronto Pup. Pronto Pup founders George and Vera Boyington created it all the way back in 1941 by covering a hot dog in a special batter and then deep-frying it, and while the corn dog has evolved a lot over the years, there’s still nothing quite like taking a bite out of a delicious Pronto Pup. Moreover, you can help those who attend your carnival, amusement park or your special event by investing in flour mix and batter in Oregon from Pronto Pup.

Although Pronto Pup as a company has grown by leaps and bounds over the course of the last 70-plus years, our Pronto Pups are still our crown jewel and will go down as the tastiest corn dogs you have ever eaten. The secret is in the flour mix and batter we use to slather our hot dogs before we deep fry them. Our supplies help set our corn dogs apart by staying true to the original recipe used by the Boyingtons.

When you use our flour mix and batter, you will be able to deliver amazing corn dogs to your customers and/or guests, and they will want to come back again and again for more. We also offer a range of other carnival and amusement park supplies for those looking to serve tastier food overall.

Do you want to discover the difference our corn dog supplies make? Reach out to Pronto Pup at 503-244-9421 today.