50lb Bag of Pronto Pups Corn Dog Flour Mix




One 50 lb. bag of Pronto Pup corn dog Flour Mix.  The best mix for the best tasting Pronto Pup corn dogs!!  The original Hot Dog on a Stick Flour Mix!

This is the best corn dog mix you will find and you can purchase it for yourself at home or in bulk for your corn dog operation.  See our wide variety of purchase options today!!

Just add water.

One 50 lb bag of Pronto Pup Flour Mix will make approx 400 regular size Pronto Pup corn dogs.

Please call for shipping quotes (503) 516-6377 for the 50 lb bags of Pronto Pup.  As of Jan 2020, FedEx has started charging a weight surcharge for parcels 50 lbs and above.  We are using alternative shippers now for anything with a shipping weight of 50 or more lbs.

If ordering more than 1 – 50 lb bag of the Pronto Pup Flour Mix please call-in your order (503 244-9421).  You will get better shipping rates!

Additional information

Weight 53 lbs
Dimensions 10 × 22 × 16 in


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