Candy & Caramel Apple Cookers & Dip Warmers

If you are planning to supply a carnival with tasty treats, or you have another event to plan, it makes sense to purchase apple cookers that Pronto Pup has in stock. We also have the apple dip warmers and hackers you need so all your guests can enjoy these popular carnival-inspired treats. We have supplies on hand that are certain to satisfy every sweet tooth.

Our candy apple preparing and serving devices are perfect for more than just a carnival setting. You might also buy them if you’re having a street fair, sporting event, block party, work-related gathering, birthday, wedding, or any other get-together that can benefit from some delectable snacks.

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Apple Cooker and Dip Warmer

Let Pronto Pup provide you with all the candy apple supplies your event needs. A tart, crisp apple that’s dunked in a buttery caramel shell or a sweet candy coating will delight both adults and children alike.

Candy apple dip warmers are a must-have item if you plan to offer hot, bubbly candy or caramel apple dip that your guests or vendors can dunk in the coating, which quickly hardens to a sweet shell over the delicate fruit beneath. Caramel apple dip warmers are a cost-effective way for you to offer a sweet treat that’s also ideal for the more health-conscious event attendee.

Apple Cookers

Our caramel apple cookers are dependable and will always deliver the sweetest and most succulent treats that should keep everyone snacking while they enjoy the festivities.

Notably, our cookers can process many apples quickly so that you can satisfy a hungry crowd. Your event will not be complete until you add the appropriate apple cookers to your order.

Apple Hackers

Pronto Pup also stocks apple hackers you can use to slice up the treats you make. This is a way that you can section the apples instead of serving them as whole fruit with candy shells. Some guests prefer this option, so it helps to have slicing devices on hand that can handle the job.

With our hackers, all you have to do is position and press the apple. You’ll end up with attractive, candy-coated apple segments every time.

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