#5103 Lift-Off Style 8″ Mold Ring


The Mold Ring is important to good Funnel Cake operations.  The “lift-off” rings not only give you the best results, but they also make doing Funnel Cakes easy.  You simply fill the mold, cook a bit, then lift off mold ring and let the Funnel Cake float free.  A middle plate for the ring to rest on is included.  This eliminates any batter getting down onto the elements.  The lift-off rings come in three styles.

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#5103 Lift-Off Style 8″ Mold Ring

Simplify and prefect the process of making funnel cakes with this Lift-Off Style 8’’ Mold Ring. Like a ramp, these “lift-off” rings help expedite the process and give your funnel cakes consistency. The lift-off rings are easy to use; simply fill the mold, begin the cooking process, then lift the middle ring and let the funnel cake roam free.

A middle plate comes with your purchase for the rings to rest on, which ensures batter will not drip down into the other ingredients. With three styles available, Pronto Pup has you covered.

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Weight 3 lbs
Dimensions 9 × 9 × 5 in


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