Cotton Candy Making Supplies for Concessions

Machine-spun cotton candy was first invented in the late 1800s by a dentist who called it “Fairy Floss.” Since then, cotton candy has turned into one of the most popular confections at carnivals, fairs, circuses, baseball games, and other events. If you would like to start serving up delicious cotton candy at events, Pronto Pup has the cotton candy supplies you’ll need to get your operation underway. We supply you with everything from sanding sugar to make cotton candy to cotton candy bags, cones, and containers in Oregon.

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Flossugar & Pure Cane Sanding Sugar for Cotton Candy

One of the best parts about providing people with cotton candy at events is it doesn’t take much to make them. The only things you’ll need are a cotton candy machine and a couple basic cotton candy supplies, including Flossugar and Pure Cane Special Sanding Sugar. Pronto Pup has two types of Flossugar available, Boo Blue (Blue Raspberry) and Silly Nilly (Pink Vanilla), in addition to 50-pound bags of C&H Pure Cane Special Sanding Sugar.

Cotton Candy Bags, Cones & Containers
for Concession Stands

Outside of the cotton candy supplies we just mentioned, you’ll also need to have cotton candy bags, cones, and containers on hand to serve your cotton candy. Cotton candy can be very sticky, which is why you need to place it in the proper bags, cones, and containers before handing it to people. Our bags, cones, and containers will also help you pre-make cotton candy so you can give it out to people on demand when they order it from you.

Purchase the cotton candy supplies that you need from Pronto Pup in Oregon by calling 503-244-9421. From Flossugar and Pure Cane Sanding Sugar to cotton candy bags, cones, and containers, we have what you need to make cotton candy everyone will love.


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