Candy & Carmel Apple Supplies, Cookers & Kettles

Candy and caramel apples are a concession stand favorite for customers both young and old. Whether you’re watching a football game, spending the day at a carnival, or exploring the streets of an unfamiliar city, a tart, juicy apple covered in sweet candy or buttery caramel coating will always hit the spot.

At Pronto Pup, our goal is to help concession vendors meet the needs and demands of their customers. That’s why we offer businesses in Oregon the wholesale caramel and candy apple-making supplies you need to satisfy every sweet tooth!

Our Caramel & Candy Apple Products

Candy Apple Cookers & Caramel Apple Dip Warmers

Pronto Pup has everything you need to make warm and delectable coated apples and keep them that way all day! Our candy apple cookers come in different sizes to accommodate businesses of all volumes. Then, after you’ve made your batch, our apple dip warmers will keep your candy and caramel apples at the perfect serving temperature while customers are lining up to get their hands on one.

Candy Apple Flavored Mixes & Coatings

Raspberry candy coating; granulated peanuts; corn syrup sweetener; you’ll find all of the supplies needed to make the most popular candy apple toppings your customers crave here in our online store. Candy apple flavored mixes and coatings are available in bulk, so you’ll never have to worry about running out of your hottest selling products.

Caramel for Candy Apples

Whether you want to melt the caramel blocks yourself or use an easy but delicious quick serve dip, Pronto Pup’s caramel apple dip supplies will help you prepare the perfect sweet and creamy treat. All of the caramel you need for your apples is available wholesale, for your convenience.

Candy Apple Trays, Pans & Wraps for Concession Stands

Turn your candy and caramel apples into easy to-go concession items with our wraps, locking bubble trays, bags, and other supplies. From aluminum pans to printed cellophane bags, and even setters for your candy apple sticks, our products will make the sale of your candy and caramel apples easier, more convenient for customers, and more successful.

Order everything you need to serve delectable candy and caramel apples at your Oregon concession business from Pronto Pup today!

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Pronto Pup Co.