“World’s Greatest” Funnel Cake Toppings


A few pennies worth of topping gets an extra 50¢ for a Funnel Cake. The same is true with a little Whip Cream! Build up your sales and build up your profits with the “World’s Greatest” brand of toppings. Packed in three 66 oz. jars per case except Hot Fudge packed 6, #10 cans per case.

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“World’s Greatest” Funnel Cake Toppings

For many people, when they think about delicious food you can usually only get at an amusement park, carnival or some other sort similar occasion, they think about funnel cakes. Funnel cakes smell great, taste amazing and always leave you wanting more.

Nevertheless, if you truly want to separate your funnel cakes from all the rest, then you should consider investing in “World’s Greatest” Funnel Cake Toppings, including this option here. It’s a great ROI, as a few pennies of cost provides you with a topping you sell for an extra 50 cents or a dollar at your concession stand. Add whipped cream too and keep adding to your bottom line!

The proof is in the brand name of this topping– “World’s Greatest.” Improve your stand’s selection and add to your profit margins by ordering today.

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