Trays, Pans and Cellophane Wraps for Candy or Caramel Apple Making

Candy apple pans should be on your list if you have an event coming up where you plan to feature these popular treats. Caramel apple pans are also available right now from Pronto Pup. These are pans that house the finished, dipped apples when your vendors offer them to your guests.

You want to make sure the pans the vendors carry are sturdy and capable of holding many caramel and candy apples at one time. This is where the completed apples can sit until someone comes along and picks out the ones they want.


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Candy or Caramel Apple Pans

Our pans come in multiple sizes. Each one is large enough to accommodate several of the ready-made caramel and candy apples that you can have available as one of the snack items at your street fair, festival, carnival, workplace event, etc.
These pans will stand up to a lot of heavy use, so your vendors can reuse them again and again. If you intend to make this a yearly or seasonal event, they’ll love that they can continue using these trays.

Candy or Caramel Apple Bubble Trays

Candy apple bubble trays are a particular tray variety that vendors can use to feature the finished candy apples as they wait to sell or give them out to your guests. These candy or caramel apple bubble trays feature areas where each apple can safely sit until the vendor hands it out to the next eager customer.
Our bubble trays showcase the apples in protective, appealing containers that lock in place. That’s how vendors can easily transport and sell them.

Candy Apple & Caramel Apple Cellophane Wraps for Packaging

Vendors will also need candy apple cellophane wraps and caramel apple cellophane wraps that will keep any debris or dirt from sticking to the freshly-made treats. Cellophane for candy apple packaging is essential because candy apples have a coated façade to which particulate matter can adhere. This wrapping keeps any foreign particles from contaminating the apple till someone can bite into it.
Cellophane for caramel apple packaging is perhaps even more vital. That’s because a properly made caramel apple’s surface will remain a bit sticky and soft. The cellophane wraps that Pronto Pup carries can protect both your candy and caramel apples until a vendor sells or gives them away.
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