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If you’re going to set up a street fair, block party, carnival, or another occasion that calls for candy and caramel apple booths, you’ll want to buy candy apple mixes or caramel apple coatings to ensure a successful event.

The right candy apple flavor mixes will allow your vendors to create and distribute either the buttery, more decadent caramel apples or the sweeter, crunchier candy-coated ones. Both of these are crowd-pleasers, so make sure to add them to your order if you want to delight your guests.

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Traditional Candy Apple Mix Recipies

The candy and caramel coatings we stock for apple dipping are based on the traditional recipes that first appeared when the creators unveiled these treats to the world. Rekindle the feeling of magic and delight that accompanied these offerings by introducing them to an entirely new generation of partygoers and festival attendees.

Candy Apple Flavor Mixes & Coatings

Pronto Pup has all of the candy apple mixes in stock that should make your event successful and memorable. We carry all the most popular candy apple flavor coatings to create the traditional hard shells meant to surround crisp, tart apples. The heated mixture will smoothly and effortlessly coat the fruit’s surface, and then it will harden immediately.

We stock the most popular flavors and enduring brands. The candy apple differs from the caramel apple in that it’s a little sweeter and crunchier. You might want to have both options available so your guests can choose between them. The most common ingredients for candy apple coating are food coloring, light corn syrup, sugar, and water. Some also feature a slight yet tantalizing cinnamon flavor.

Caramel Apple Dips & Coatings

Caramel apple dips should be available at your event if you want to capture all the fun and festive feel of the midway. Pronto Pup provides some different caramel apple coatings that your vendors need. Caramel for candy apple making is an essential item, and we always have it in stock at affordable prices.

Some people prefer the stickier caramel apple covering versus the sweeter, crunchier candy-coated variety. Caramel has a chewy, softer texture that goes very well with the larger, more robust apple varieties. Dipping the right apples in this buttery mixture produces a treat with visual appeal as well as a pleasing consistency.

To learn more about which option will best suit your needs, contact us.

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