#4007 Printed Candy Apple Bags (1,000ct)


These satchel bottom Poly Bags are packed on headers for easy handling.


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#4007 Printed Candy Apple Bags (1,000ct)

Purchasing a candy apple on the run can be a tricky. Carrying it by the stick is not ideal if you’re not eating it right away, and it’s not something you can really just throw in a purse or pocket.

As such, if your concession stand sells candy apples, you should consider having some handy printed candy apple bags in stock. For these particular cellophane candy apple bags, you’re receiving a sturdy bag that is specifically sized for candy apples, and features a visually pleasing, eye-catching design on the exterior that can help you market your tasty product. See our large selection of sticks, apple cookers, warmers, dips, mixes, coatings, trays, pans, and wraps.

When you need products to help with candy apple sales, learn how Pronto Pup can help.


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Weight 5 lbs
Dimensions 8 × 8 × 7 in


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